The 2007 Pallières Les Racines qualifies as a great wine. In fact,I think it is safe to say that the 2007 Les Racines qualifies as a living wine, a wine you can approach the way you might approach another human being. Clarity and ambiguity rarely appear side by side in the same wine. They coexist in the 2007 Les Racines. If you do not taste this wine – this year, in five years, and in then years – you will be cheating yourself. \ »Les Racines\ » means \ »the roots\ ». When you drink the 2007 Les Racines, you nourish your soul in the same way that a root nourishes its vine. […] The wine overwhelms you with its depth, then it teases you with the twin promises of love and beauty. When the wine delivers on those promises, you surrender to its generosity. The finish tells ou a story. In the story, you are connected to other people by a line that has no name. […] The story has no ending. It fades into the sunset, only to reappear as a star in the sky. […]