Our wine cellars are all three built using the principle of gravity, to receive the harvest; principle that allows optimum respect for the grapes until they arrive in the vats

Just as the family have a vine-growing philosophy, we also have one about the vinifying and maturing of wine.

The principal idea is to observe the grapes carefully, try to pinpoint a path to follow during vinification, and thus craft a vintage that reflects the year’s climate and events. Later, we also tailor maturation to the structure of the wines. Personality and balance are the two watchwords that influence our decisions and actions. The very exact scheme of traditional fermentation observes the customs of the local AOC: destemming, capmoistening, temperature management, cap-punching, fermentation time and a host of other parameters are adapted, adjusted and reviewed constantly, so as best to meet nature’s requirements and our own expectations

Making vins de terroir and not recipes wines, wines for the table rather than for tasting, wines whose final quality is attained solely by virtue of their noble means of production - this is our vocation!